Air League 12ft In Ground Sunken Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Green

Note: The 12 Foot Trampoline Has 8 Enclosure Poles - Not 6 As In The Image The Air League 12 foot in ground trampoline is perfect to get everyone off the gadgets and into the garden and with such a high specification it is equally suitable for parents as well as the kids. In Ground trampolines have several advantages, due to the reduced height they are less visible, so they won’t spoil the look of your garden as much as a normal trampoline might do. They are also a lot easier for everyone to get on and off. Being In the ground the trampolines are more stable and once anchored to the ground they are a lot less likely to blow over in high winds. The fact that the bounce mat is situated at pretty much ground level also brings with it obvious safety benefits, so much so that most companies only offer in ground trampolines without enclosures. We on the other hand have decided to take a different approach and only offer our sunken trampoline range with enclosures. We decided to do this
£ 249.95

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