Air King General 4ft Foldable Table Football Game

The Air King General 4ft Foldable Table Football Game offers great fun at home or in the office in the form of a stylish, sturdy, durable, top quality football table. This table's construction and wood finish sets it apart from the other tables. The deep cabinet, extra thick legs and playing surface construction provide the table with superior stability and durability, better than many professional tables. The handles are made from super strong polyurethane plastic. The heavy anti-rust steel rods won't bend like those of lesser quality tables. The players mounted on those bars are super strong and durable, with a three man goalie system to enable advanced offensive techniques while keeping the ball in play. Slopes at the sides and corners of the pitch help keep the ball in play more to further ensure a fast and furiously fun game. The table has a "drop in the hole" ball entry dish at the side of the table for consistently fair kick offs. At each end is a scoring mechanism of stylish chrome discs on a slide bar. This table is built to provide a fast and fun game and also give you strength, durability and stability. With its great looking yet heavy duty cabinet and playing surface, its chrome players and scoring system, it looks fantastic in any environment too.
£ 79.99

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