PGA Tour St Andrews Putting Mat

The deluxe PGA Tour St Andrews Putting Mat will provide countless hours of valuable putting practice and fun for the whole family. The UV resistant, weatherproof and super durable mat with will be as easy to use outdoors as it will indoors. Regulation sized putting cups and removable mini flags all add up to a great putting experience. The two gradients high-quality turf simulates the soft and rough of the golf course green and fringe areas. The green pile height is 10mm thick and is constructed using polypropylene, while the four tone grass pile height is 30mm and made from polyethylene. The 8mm non-slip heavy-duty EVA base feels quality under the feet and provides great stability all around. A fantastic top quality mat that will provide countless hours of fun as well as serious practice for the avid golfer.
£ 149.99

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