PGA Tour Launch Pad Pro 2 In 1 Mat

Keep your game ticking over and in good shape over the winter months and be ready for shooting low scores from the word go in the new season while saving the well-manicured lawn. The PGA Tour Launch Pad Pro 2 in 1 mat provides a true feel from both the fairway or rough sections. This brilliant mat is tough enough to handle all the clubs in your bag, from the driver, all the way through to the lob wedges. The artificial turf simulates both long and short grass for a full range of shots. Great for outdoor use, the garage or indoors if you have adequate space to swing a club. A perfectly sized practice mat that is easily transported to wherever you wish to use it. Also included with the mat is two rubber golf tees, these are similar to the ones typically found at the driving range, these rubber tees can easily be cut to match your perfect chosen tee height.
£ 29.99

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