Assos T.mille_S7 Bib Shorts

The T.mille S7 Bib Shorts are a brilliant introduction to the incredible comfort and performance of Assos cycling bib shorts. The comfortFit seat pad is supportive while premium fabrics ensure perfect pedalling flexibility and comfort. Welcome to the World of Assos ComfortWith the S7 generation of the industry-leading pad and fit technology at its core, these cycling shorts bring you the ultimate in comfort at a great value price. With rider feedback, Assos developed the T.mille_S7 Bib Shorts as an entry-level short for the weekend racer, sportive rider and keen cyclist in mind. As the latest evolution of the T.neoPro_s7 shorts, they feature a new wider cut waist, to fit any size and shape of rider. They're perfect for those of you looking to increase your cycling mileage and so seeking increased comfort compared to your current entry-level shorts. Once you try Assos you'll understand why they garner such rave reviews. As with all Assos bib shorts, they are designed to be worn next to the skin and offer excellent support and freedom of movement. Team these shorts with a skinFoil base layers as well as an Assos jersey to complete your total Assos riding outfit.For riders of all types and disciplines, these are a great introduction to just what makes Assos riding kit so sought after and admired. Whether you ride for an hour after work or ride all day you'll be amazed at the fit and comfort of the T.mille S7 Bib Shorts. Designed as the workhorse of their new Summer range, the Assos T Mille S7 Bib Short is so well-designed with high-quality, durable materials, that it can be worn day-in, day-out. The construction offers a superb fit that complements the form of the bolder rider whilst maintaining supreme comfort by wicking away moisture from the surface of the skin.The Mille S7 insert uses thicker, more supportive padding than other bib shorts, but sits independently from the main fabric of the T.mille for enhanced movement without irritation. This insert features a centre cut out to allow hot air to escape more efficiently, too.Wider straps are used to connect the short to the shoulders, ensuring no movement takes place when on the bike. 13 components enhance this fit, ensuring every area of your body is supported through every stage of your ride, and the Type.439 fabric offers excellent compression to ensure you’re performing at your peak over both short and long distances.Please note: The leg of the short comes up shorter than that of a standard length bib short Top Features:Entry-level comfortFit shortsWider cut in the waistReplaces the neoPro shorts, leverages the technology used in themWider straps on the chest stop fabric digging in13 components/panels ensure optimum coverage and compressionMille s7 insert sits independently from the main fabric for greater movement without irritation MATERIALS74% Polyamide (Nylon)18% Elastane (Spandex)8% Polyester
£ 89.99

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