Longridge Golf Swing Tempo Swing Trainer

Longridge Golf Swing Tempo Swing Trainer    We’ve all done it, turned up to the golf course just before our tee time, run to the 1st tee with no practice swings and then wonder why the shot skews off at a random angle and finishes nestled in the long grass. It can be difficult to find the time to get to the course earlier enough for a proper warm up, but Longridge have a superb solution that only takes a few minutes.    The Longridge Golf Swing Tempo Swing Trainer is a superb device that works great not only as a warmup device, but also as a swing trainer as well. The Tempo Swing trainer is a long, highly flexible shaft with a heavy weighted yellow ball in place of the clubhead. The overall weight of it is much heavier than a normal...
£ 39.99

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