Big Max Dri Lite 7 Stand Bags

Big Max Dri Lite 7 Stand Bags: The Dri Lite 7 an ultra-light carry - stand bag, with the benefit of being made from a water-resistant material. The Dri Lite 7 features an 8.5-inch four-way top divider with leg lock technology and a waterproof winter hood. The Dri Lite 7 has four good sized storage pockets and a drinks cooler, a Towel, Umbrella and Glove holder complement the bag and double padded multi-point shoulder straps ensure comfort. The Dri Lite 7 only weighs a mere 1.9kgs and there are eight colour options in the range. Big Max Dri Lite 7 Stand Bags are lightweight with contemporary styling, the ideal bag for the Golfer constantly on the move.
£ 79.99

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