Wilson Staff 2017 D300 Hybrid

Product Description Compared to the D200, the next generation D300 hybrids include a progressive head design to increase volume on stronger lofted heads for more forgiveness on longer shots. Perfectly distance-gapped from 2 through 7, these hybrids provide an easy-to-hit complement to the D300 irons. AERODYNAMIC DESIGNMicro Vortex Generators reduce the drag forces on the head, leading to increased club head speed and great distance. CARPENTER CUSTOM 455 FACE INSERTIncreased ball speeds and maximum distances are created by the premium maraging steel insert that produce a thin, hot, high CT face. PROGRESSIVE HEAD DESIGNLarger volume on stronger lofted heads provides forgiveness on longer shots. More bulge (or face curvature) in stronger-lofted heads transitions to flatter faces on weaker-lofted heads provide optimal gear effect and accuracy. LOFT OPTIONS2 (17. 0°), 3 (19. 0°), 4 (22. 0°), 5 (25. 0°), 6 (28. 0°), 7 (31. 0°) (RH) / 3 (19. 0°), 4 (22. 0°), 5 (25. 0°) (LH)
£ 89.00

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