Cobra King Forged Tour Golf Irons

Cobra King Forged Tour Golf Irons have tour proven performance, with a superior soft feel that all golfers demand. With a five step forging process, Cobra have ensured a more exacting iron shape with a more sophisticated grain structure. The Club Heads are Nickel Coated which ensures that the clubs retain their good looks and sustain longer life expectancy. CNC Milling technology has been used to develop better Groove Structure creating Greater Spin and Flight Control. (CNC)Computer Numerically Controlled, milling that takes away the chance of Human error. (TPU) Thermoplastic Polyurethane inserts have been added behind the Striking Area to improve feel. Tungsten Weights have been critically positioned in the Club Head to lower the Centre of Gravity, this provides less inaccuracy’s when striking the ball.
£ 649.00

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