Evnroll ER2.2 Mid Blade Putters

The Evnroll 2.2 Mid Blade putter grip is a marvel of innovation, pushing the limits of putter technology to the maximum. For those of you who prefer the more traditional blade style putter, this plumber neck flange mid-blade from Evnroll will be perfectly suited for you with its lovely aesthetic looks and incredible performance. Your preconceived expectations of the Evnroll 2.2 Mid Blade will be realised almost immediately. The clubhead feels very evenly balanced throughout the stroke, even mis-hits will turn out to be great putts as if almost by magic! players will feel a real engagement between ball and putter face at contact. You will be asking yourself about the legality of the putter because it's so good, of course, it's completely legal and conforms to the rules of golf. The technology in Evnroll putters is predominately designed to aid very accurate distance control and they do this exceptionally well, three-putting will become a distant memory. Putting, in particular, is often overlooked by many golfers when trying to improve their game, making sure you have a solid putting stroke can be much easier to achieve rather than trying to gain an extra 20 yards off the tee.
£ 279.00

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