Evnroll ER2 Black Mid Blade Putters

For those of you who prefer the more traditional blade style putter, this shorter, wider heel and toe weighted flange blade ER2 Black Mid Blade from Evnroll will fit the bill perfectly with its lovely Matte black armour finish. Evnroll putters hold up to its promise on allowing the ball to travel it's full distance even on a miss-hit, with grooves that actually help to keep the ball in a straight line, instead of curving away to the right or left. Considering the majority of us aren't professionals and don't hit the centre of the putter every time this technology is priceless. A groundbreaking putter that does what it promises to do and eradicate miss-hits by expanding the sweet spot massively to create “The Sweetest Face In Golf” and help mitigate the results of off-centre putts. Putter technology that can do for golfers on the green what titanium did on the tee box. Distance control will improve immediately and pulls from 4 feet simply don't happen. The 370 gram ER2 Black Mid Blade putter sets and lines up fantastically well with its white sightline in the flange and 2 dots on the top line which promotes a smooth, effortless stroke time after time. “Feels best” or “Looks best” has no indication on whether a putter will be the best but proven tried and tested technology in the Evnroll ER2 Black Mid blade putter speaks for itself.
£ 329.00

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