SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 2.0 Putter Grip

SuperStroke's new Flatso Putter Grips feature their distinct pentagonal “Flatso” profile: a wide, flat front grip shape with five pronounced edges.  Now with Traxion Control and Spyne Technology, the Flatso Series has been refined to offer even better feel and feedback.  Golfers will know instantly if one of Flatso’s three unique sizes can make a major difference in their game.  Just ask Jordan Spieth, a Flatso user who has trusted the grip for each of his three Major Championship victories.SpecificationsThe SuperStroke Traxion Flatso 1.0 Putter Grip has a diameter of 1.27 inch, weighs 50g and has a 0.58 inch core. Traxion ControlAn advanced surface texture that improves feedback and tack. It places “X-shaped” treads in high...
£ 29.99

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