Hillman Lithium Golf Trolley 16ah - 18-27 Hole Battery Set

Upgrade you old heavy lead-acid trolley battery for a Hillman Lithium Golf Battery, hundreds have and will never go back! Hillman Lithium (LiFePO4) golf trolley batteries have been designed to fit pretty much any 12V electric golf trolley. The 16ah battery weighs an incredibly lightweight 2.1 kg and measures 17 x 13 x 8cm. The Hillman Lithium battery is good for 18 holes on any course and 27 on flatter, less demanding courses. We are that confident about the product we offer an unbelievable 3 year warranty on the battery and 1 year on the charger and leads. This set consists of the battery, specialised 4A lithium battery charger, black carry bag for battery and Tbar to 3 pin or torberry connector lead. Please note that the item will be shipped with a Hillman 3 pin connection lead as standard, if you require torberry connector lead please contact us. Hillman Lithium Golf Trolley 16ah Battery Best Bang For Your Buck Trolley Upgrade Possible 18-27 Hole Range Speciallist 4A Charger Torberr
£ 139.95

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